Draft Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

Aim : Aims at providing a framework to promote large grid connected wind-solar PV system for optimal and efficient utilisation of transmission infrastructure among others.

Why going for hybrid systems?
  • The superimposition of wind and solar resource maps shows that there are large areas where both wind and solar have high to moderate potential.
  • The existing wind farms have scope of adding solar PV (photovoltaic) capacity and similarly there may be wind potential in the vicinity of existing solar PV plants.
Objective of the policy
  • The main aim of the policy is to lay a framework for promoting large grid connected wind-solar photovoltaic system.
  • This will be helpful for creating optimal and efficient transmission infrastructure and land, reducing the variability in renewable power generation to achieve better grid stability.
  • The goal of the policy is to reach a wind-solar hybrid capacity of 10 GW by 2022
Critical Analysis:
  • The draft policy is not detailed enough when it comes to tariff structures and financial incentives.
  • The draft policy is not clear about the financial incentives for hybrid systems and merely refers to the existing incentives for solar and wind projects.



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