Climate change Effects

Why India Should be worried?

  • India is uniquely vulnerable to rising temperatures — it ranks in the top 20 in the Climate Change Vulnerability Index.
  • Our average surface temperature, over the past four decades, has risen by 0.3° Celsius, accompanied by a rising incidence of floods, droughts and cyclones.
  • Disasters such as intense storms and heat waves
  • Slow moving changes like drought and sea level rise
  • Atoll nations in the Pacific such as Tuvalu and Maldives in the Indian Ocean –> only few meters above sea level
Proof of these effects:
  • Fishes like mackerel and oil sardines, which used to be found near Malabar coast, now can be found in water near Gujarat coast
  • Himachali apple no longer thrive in lower Kullu valley
  • Species suffer from – heat stress, ocean acidification, greater pest attacks, and draughts
  • Changing timing of annual life cycle events like timing of first flowering, bud emergence, birds nesting, the timing of frogs breeding etc.
  • When species shift northward or higher, not all species in an ecosystem may move, and the interconnectedness that has evolved over decades gets disrupted
Interventions needed:
  • Health Sector:
    • HHWS:- Heat Health Warning Systems i.e Providing weather forecast regarding Heat Patterns can help to some extent in mitigation
    • Preparing an emergency response system to accommodate a sudden influx of Patients
  • Water resources:
    • Provision of Water to some of the worst hit parts of India such as aurangabad, latur, beed etc. So as to fulfill the basic drinking water needs.
    • Policies to prevent wastage of Water, Ex. Recent intervention by courts in IPL matches in Maharashtra or Ban on new sugar mills in Marathwada region etc
    • New methods to preserve and conserve water so as to face any future exigency
  • Power Sector:
    • Provision of Continuous electricity in the severe Heat wave effected regions/Drought effected areas
    • If water is scarce then Moving towards solar energy and utilising the heat of the seasons and provide power



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