Artificial Intelligence – UPSC GS3

Artificial Intelligence and possible dangers that can come out of it
Why one must not “fear” Artificial Intelligence?
  • Such systems are actually pretty dumb
  • This is because even the most intelligent systems today with artificial specific intelligence can perform one task better than any human can, but only that one task
  • Any simple task that it is not specifically programmed for, such a system would find impossible to complete
Concerns related to Artificial Intelligence
(1) Jobs
  • The possible negative effect of Artificial Intelligence on jobs has been a trending topic recently
  • But there has been no academic or policy consensus on what the exact effect will be
  • Still there can be no doubt that at least some jobs will be negatively affected by Artificial Intelligence
(2) Weapons
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence in weapons leading to ‘autonomous weapons’ raises a number of difficult questions in international law
  • A machine that has been given the ability to make life and death decisions on the battlefield can be dangerous
(3) Data Security
  • The entire Artificial Intelligence ecosystem is built on the availability of great amounts of data and enhancing efficiency requires continued availability of such data
  • This raises the question of where the required data comes from, and who owns and controls it
The way forward                                   
  • It is necessary to assess the practical benefits and risks associated with the increasing prevalence of Artificial Intelligence

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