Antibiotics Usage – UPSC GS3

Antibiotics are medicines used to treat various types of bacterial infections or diseases caused. They work in different way over bacteria like destroying the cell wall of bacteria or stop the mechanism of multiplying the bacteria.

Reasons in favor of using it are:-
  1. They are relatively safe because they target processes required for microbial life and leave the rest of our cell alone.
  2. They are used in food preservatives.
  3. They are used in treating infectious diseases in animal.
  4. They also used to control bacteria and fungi that damage fruit and grain.
  5. Small amount of antibiotics are added to livestock to stimulate the animal growth.
Reasons against using it are:-
  1. Untargeted destruction of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria.
  2. With regular exposure to antibiotics, bacteria develop self-resistance to fight against antibiotics.
  3. Antibiotics if given to child lead to effects on child’s microbial development and later lead to obesity.
  4. It disturbs the normal pattern of bacteria like bifidobacterium which plays crucial role in immune system of child.
  5. They target our entire microbiome.
  6. They became less and less effective with more and more intake.
With the use of technological test such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) panels are helpful in finding the infection related to whether infection are caused due to virus or bacteria. According to necessity treatment can be done. Besides having both pros and cons, antibiotics should be used in extreme cases or danger having our body. Merely using, it won’t pay actual benefit.




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