Wolf-Warrior Diplomacy – UPSC GS2

Wolf-Warrior Diplomacy:
  • It is a new approach inside China which reinforces a presumed transition of Chinese diplomacy from conservative, passive, and low-key to assertive, proactive, and high-profile.
  • Wolf Warrior and Wolf Warrior II are Chinese action blockbusters that highlight agents of Chinese special operation forces. They have boosted national pride and patriotism among Chinese viewers.
  • Wolf-warrior diplomacy,” named after these movies, describes offensives by Chinese diplomats to defend China’s national interests, often in confrontational ways.
  • Many Chinese believe the Western media portrayal of China is highly biased, often with ideological and racist tinges. Wolf-warrior diplomacy is part of the Chinese government’s endeavour to “tell the China story.”
NOTE: This term can be used in answers related to China Foreign Policy, China’s rise in today’s world or Foreign Policy related Qs.

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