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Vector-borne disease research in India has remained stagnant for decades owing to administrative apathy and lack of proper policies. In the light of the statements, examine why reviving research in  vector borne diseases is of important for country like India. (200 Words)

Vector Borne diseases are caused when disease spreading micro-organisms are spread through a vector like mosquito. People suffer from a significant disease burden from these diseases in local and focal areas of India, which is reflected in the form of morbidity and mortality from Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis (JE), Kala-azar and Lymphatic filariasis.
There has been abysmally low level of researches done in this area. People affected by this disease mostly belongs to rural and underdeveloped sanitation. India has vast rural
area without proper sewage, sanitation and effective health centre.
This will make India more vulnerable to Vector Borne disease. Hence reviving research is important. Other reasons and benefits of reviving researches are:
  1. Vector borne diseases are also prevalent in neighboring nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc. India‘s research, vaccination and pharmaceutical achievement can be shared with them in future.
  2. By focusing research on VBD, we can also setup bio-medical research institute which is need of the hour.
  3. India can help WHO motto of eliminating malaria by 2025 from whole world. Also, India‘s research will be important, as Malaria is eliminated from all developed  nations. And only nation that is doing research is China.
  4. Vector borne disease leads to greatest mortality. Checking them, will ensure a healthier next generation. Also, it will reduce cost of operation in Rural PHC.
  5. Right now, we have many different programmes for each diseases like:
    1. National Anti – Malaria programme
    2. Kala – Azar Control Programme
    3. National Filaria  Control Programme
    4. Japanese Encephilitis Control Programme
    5. Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic fever.
Such research will bring all of them under one umbrella programme to deliver their remedy, symptom guides and medicine course together. It will be later helpful to deliver all drugs/medicines to rural PHCs for all VBDs.



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