US Declaration on Jerusalem

US Resolution:
The U.S. President Donald Trump had declared to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
UN  Response:
The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has overwhelmingly adopted resolution declaring United States of America (USA) recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as ‘null and void’.
The resolution was moved by Turkey and Yemen and was adopted with 128 countries voting in favour including major political powers such as India, Japan Britain, France, Germany and 9 against it, while 35 abstained from voting.
Key Facts
  • The UNGA resolution stressed that Jerusalem issue to be resolved through negotiations.
  • It demanded that all States comply with UNSC resolutions regarding Jerusalem, and not recognise any actions or measures contrary to those resolutions.
  • Countries voting in favour of resolution also disregarded US President Trump’s threat to cut off financial aid to countries that backed the draft resolution.
  • India voted for a negotiated settlement of the Jerusalem issue at the UN General Assembly with 127 other member countries.
Difference despite growing relationship
  • New Delhi’s “yes” vote comes even as the government’s proximity to Israel and the US has grown
  • Israel’s Prime Minister is expected to visit India next month and PM Narendra Modi had skipped Palestine during his visit to Israel in July this year
India in dilemma over Israel-Palestine conflict
  • New Delhi has, as a norm, always voted in favour of Palestine at the UN
  • But in July 2015 it abstained from a vote against Israel at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
  • This was seen as a subtle shift in India’s policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian issue
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