UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

  • The United Nations has adopted a global treaty banning nuclear weapons.
  • The treaty was adopted by a vote of 122 members in favour. 
  • The treaty would be opened for signature on September 20.
  • It will enter into force once 50 countries ratified it.
  • All of the ratifying countries should never under any circumstances develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.
  • The treaty also bans any transfer or use of nuclear weapons or nuclear explosive devices.
  • The nine nuclear powers, namely, the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel neither took part in the negotiations nor cast their vote.
  • Even Japan, the sole sufferer of atomic attack refrained from taking part in the negotiations.
  • Most of the NATO countries too boycotted the negotiations.
  • The nuclear powers view the treaty as unrealistic and argue that it will not have any impact on reducing the global stockpile of 15000 atomic weapons.
  • According to the nuclear powers, their nuclear arsenals serve as a deterrent against nuclear attacks and they remain committed to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). 
  • The NPT seeks to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and puts the onus on nuclear states to reduce their stockpiles.
  • But the non-nuclear states are increasingly worried about the slow pace of disarmament and are concerned that weapons of mass destruction may fall into the wrong hands.



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