Taliban Negotiations – UPSC GS2

Context: US is keen to completely withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. This might embolden Pakistan which can use Taliban against India.
Why India should take part in these negotiations?
  • May lead to peace -> more development -> prosperous neighbours -> good for India
  • To counter China and Pakistan who are already taking part in these negotiations.
  • To prevent a puppet regime of China and Pakistan
  • Central Asia is important for India. Afghanistan is the key to access it.
  • Afghanistan is mineral rich and India is mineral hungry as it is growing fast. Peace is needed to reap those minerals.
  • India has already invested $2 billion in Afghanistan and lots of energy in gaining goodwill among Afghans. It should not go waste.
Why India should not take part in these negotiations?
  • India can ruin its goodwill if Afghans see India as interfering in their internal matters.
  • US is withdrawing and India might be left alone.
  • Interference could further worsen India’s relation with Pakistan
What India can do?
  • India can take Iran and Russia on board as they have equal stake in Afghanistan.
  • India should adopt a flexible approach towards Taliban and be pragmatic as everyone is ready to negotiate with them (USA, Iran, China, Pakistan etc.)

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