Swine Flu

In the light of increasing deaths caused by swine flu in the country, critically examine what mechanism exists in the country to prevent the spread of epidemics like swine flu and what measures need to be taken by common man to safeguard himself/herself against swine flu. (200 Words)

 Mechanisms existing in country to tackle epidemic crisis are:
  1. Vaccination at all Govt. hospitals (Polio eradication is live example)
  2. Provision of generic medicines (affordable, National List of Essential Medicines has been expanded over time)
  3. Assistance to crisis hit states (National Crisis Management Committee must reviews the situation and offer States necessary central assistance.)
  4. Skilled physicians in all Govt. hospitals (this measure needs consolidation)
  5. Adequate PHCs, Laboratories, Detecting equipment’s and cutting-edge-technology to diagnose the virus at the earliest with zero error (needs consolidation)
  6. Chief Secretaries and medical heads of States ensures availability of drugs, testing kits, diagnostic labs, personal protective equipment, masks etc., in their States (as various states are doing regarding to Swine Flu)



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