Street Vendors Act

Street Vendors Act 2014 was enacted with a motive to protect the livelihood of the Street Vendors as it is their fundamental right under Article 19(1)(g) and simultaneously ensuring congestion free streets and public spaces. However its ground implementation has provided some relief to the street vendors but still some of its provision has not been implemented with full vigor such as

  1. SVA requires municipality to come up with the scheme for the welfare of the street vendors only few municipality have proposed such plan. Main issue arises in this is the defying attitude of municipalities who is violating the provision of the law.
  2. Act provided that all the decision related to identification of vending and non-vending zone , issuing certification , certificate fees are to be taken by the Town vending Committee and Municipality will ratify but in practice it is the Municipal commissioner who takes decision and has concentrated power in himself and diluted the democratic character of the TVC.
  3. Act strictly prohibit the harassment of the street vendor by the police and municipal authorities but police has find innovative ideas to further the harassment and carry on their corruptive practices.
  4. TVC is multimember body having representation from the vendors, police, municipal authorities, RWA etc. Another issue that has arisen is the attitude of the Resident welfare association who considers street vendors as a encroacher on land. So until this perception about Street vendors is not changed, little can be expected from the act.
  5. Main issue is its ground implementation. Still some of the municipal authorities and policemen do not know about the act and unawareness among the street vendors about such act.
Nonetheless Intention of the act is good and has provided some relief to the street vendors and pedestrian. However in order to realize the full benefit from the act it needs to be enforced fully with good intention.
The Street Vendors Act, 2014 is a truly innovative solution to the problem of balancing the livelihood rights of hawkers and the right to free movement of pedestrians and traffic. Do you think this act has done justice to its target population and to its main objectives? In the light of the statement, critically comment. (200 Words)



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