Speaker limits – UPSC GS2

Quote on Importance of debates in legislature (Democracy)
According to Ivor Jennings, “It is not the control of the Government by the House but the fact that its dislikes are often a representation of electoral dislikes that makes debate important.”
Speaker’s powers:
  • The speaker can adjourn the house or suspend any sitting.
  • He has the power to quell disorderly behaviour.
  • But according to Rule 374A, only the house, holds the final power and can overrule the decision of the speaker.
  • Rule 362(1): says that if a motion has been put unless it appears to be an abuse of rules of the house, the speaker shall put the motion.
  • Rule 363(1): says that whenever a debate extends beyond a limit, the speaker may fix a time limit for the conclusion of the discussion at any stage of the bill. It is the “sense of the House”, not the Speaker’s opinion, which governs.

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