SL War Crimes

UN Report:

urged Sri Lanka to establish a special court to try the “horrific” abuses committed by the authorities and the rebels in the last phase of the country’s civil war. Court should  integrate international judges, prosecutors, lawyers and investigators.
While the report found fault both with the authorities and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in respect of “unlawful killing”, it pulled up the former on several counts, including “sexual and gender-based violence”, “enforced disappearances”, and “torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment”.
Recently, major political parties in Sri Lanka rejected the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)’s demand for federalism. Critically examine the major demands of TNA, why Sri Lankan parties are opposed to them and India’s stand on the issue. (200 Words)
After 500 years of foreign rule Sri Lanka got independence in 1948. Major ethnic communities in Sri Lanka: Sinhala, Tamils
Key Factors like LTTE , Indian peace keeping forces , 13 Amendment which was signed during Rajiv Gandhi Times for devolution of powers to Tamil Speaking Region Northeast region of Sri lanka and ceasefire by LTTE .
Major demands of TNA( Tamil national alliance) representing Tamils present in North-eastern region in Sri Lanka Are:-
  1. Devolution of power to north and eastern region of Sri lanka in the form of Federalism.
  2. Recognise the rights of Tamils to live in Sri lanka who have been living here from historic period .
  3. Steps to be taken to bring back those Tamils who fled during ethnic conflicts to India or other regions of northeast Sri lanka .
  4. De- militarization of northeast region to 1983 times after which militarization started .
  5. Establish international committee to look into Human rights Violations done by Sri lanka Govt during Civil War.
  6. Recognise Tamils as citizens of Sri lanka and equal opportunities to be given in public life
  7. Right to self-determination of Tamils. The other parties like majority party UNP ( united national party ) is not in favour to give absolute power to northeast region as majority Sinhalese and Tamils who have been living there from a long time look down to Tamils who live in North eastern region of Sri Lanka .
The Indian government attitude towards these development is that of non interference in a sovereign nation although if India is trying to influence by Back channel diplomacy will be hard to say.



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