Self regulation for Doctors

What’s the issue?
  • At Max Hospital a premature baby was wrongly declared dead by the doctors.
  • Medical negligence and overcharging by private hospitals.
Indian Medical Association’s recommendations:
  • Urged State governments to subsidise emergencies in the private sector and create a reimbursement mechanism.
  • No hospital can force its consultants to work on targets and the choice of drugs and devices should rest with the doctors based on the affordability of a patient and not the hospital management.
IMA president Dr. K.K. Aggarwal said:
  • It is time for the medical profession to introspect and come out with self-regulation procedures. From today onwards, all doctors in the country shall choose affordable drugs.
  • We also appeal to the State governments to come out with an urgent ordinance for ‘one drug-one company-one price policy’.
  • Doctors should actively participate in ensuring that no hospital sells any item priced higher than the Market Rate Price. No service charges should be added to procure drugs from outside.

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