SDG-Goal 7

Access to Affordable, Reliable, sustainable and Modern Energy

India’s Situation:
  • India has world’s largest population without modern energy access
  • 400 mn – No electricity
  • 800 mn – traditional biomass to cook
Government Plans: 24 X 7 access electricity supply by 2022 to every household. For this there are plans for:
  • New power plant
  • Increased coal production
  • Large renewable energy investment
  • Strengthening Transmission and distribution infrastructure
Cooking fuel as Hazard:
  • Indoor Air Pollution: 5-9 lakh deaths annually, main victims women & children
  • Respiratory, Heart diseases
  • Burden on women – Collecting fuel
  • Environmental impact- black carbon, GHG
Need is:
  • Efficient biomass stoves
  • Replacing biomass with cleaner fuels
  • Promote LPG (only 15% or rural household have adopted LPG)
    • Differentiated LPG subsidies based on income
    • Strengthening LPG distribution network in rural areas



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