Role of Private Hospitals


  • India spends ~1% on healthcare (Too less. 4% desired)
  • 86% of expenditure is out of pocket
Should it be made compulsory for private hospitals to dedicate a part of their services to poor people?
Yes, because:
  1. Premium Lands are allotted to them at low prices.
  2. Doctors themselves are beneficiary of subsidised education
  3. Draft National health policy, 2015 recommends giving right to health a status of fundamental right.
Will it solve the problem?
No. Longer term solutions are:
  1. Wider insurance reach and coverage using Jan Suraksha Yojana
  2. More expenditure in public health infrastructure
  3. Private sector is concentrated mainly in urban areas, and 61% of the population resides in rural areas. So, need to incentivise private sector to cover uncovered areas



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