Repealing & Amending Bill, 2015

Critically discuss the significance of the Repealing and Amending (Fourth) Bill, 2015 which was recently passed by the Lok Sabha. (200 Words)

Repealing and Amending (Fourth) Bill hold tremendous significance.
  1. India is a highly regulated country. Many of the statutes are old and irrelevant today. Example:- Insurance Amendment Act, 1940 is old and has been replaced by subsequent legislation. But, it still continues to be on the statute books. A law on the statute prohibits more than 10 people on disco floors in Mumbai.
  2. A maze of laws make their enforcement difficult. Also, enforcement of such laws breeds corruption.
  3. A leaner regulatory regime is the demand of today’s business.
Even though this bill is required but one must dwell into the reasons why this bill was required.,
  1. While legislating, the parliament rarely discusses the enforcement part of the legislation.
  2. Most of the bill repealed are Appropriation acts which should be automatically repealed. (In UK, sunset clauses are imbibed in laws)
  3. There should be a periodic review of regulatory effects of old laws and if found wanting, they should be replaced or amended. That is, this exercise should be periodic and can be entrusted onto a parliamentary committee. (In New Zealand and Australia, such an exercise takes place yearly)
Thus, such an exercise should occur regularly. It can have a great potential on Ease of Doing Business and also simplifying the lives of common people.



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