Punjab Drug Issue

Causes of Drug Problem in Punjab:

  • Opium was part of Cultural landscape before partition and ramped up after the Green Revolution
  • Cross Border flow of Drugs during 1990s
  • Involvement of Political Persons during Elections. Recent instance of capturing of 1.35 lakh kg of drug during LokSabha Election 2014
  • Rural Unemployment
  • Nexus between politicians and trade cartels
Consequences of Drug Problem:
  • Spreading of Diseases like AIDS
  • Increase in Criminality. They may support terrorism for the sake of drugs
  • Families of drug persons will be affected economically
  • Suicides due to drug abuse
  • Money from drug trade has been used for spreading terror in other parts of country (narcoterrorism)
  • Weakened vision of National Youth Policy 2014. Capable human resource is not being capitalized for productive purposes
Solutions for these:
  • Providing clean needles, sterilization equipment and the like to drug users
  • Effective affordable rehabilitation centers, focus on high-prevalence drug groups such as sex workers, transportation workers and street children
  • Redressal of the unemployment situation.
  • The supply side reduction should involve a zero-tolerance policy towards drug cartels, syndicates and peddlers.



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