Public Policy

Public policy is the regulated guide, to action taken by the administrative executive branches of the state, with regard to some issues, in a manner consistent with law and institutional customs.

India’s global competitiveness in directly linked to its ability to formulate and implement sound and effective public policies, which is often ignored in India. The purpose of public policy is not only to provide all answers, but also to help the government in asking the right questions in the first place.
For a country like India, public policy formulation requires a more rigorous approach in many fields of inquiry, including sociology, anthropology, economics, history, etc. This kind of approach for public policy formulation is indispensable for good governance.
Other factors which influence its formulations are:
  1. Evaluation of policy effectiveness through empirical analysis: Empirical analysis should form the basis for any public policy. It should rest upon sound institutional basis, in which there is both continuity and change over time.
  2. Rigorous legal and constitutional scrutiny before law and policy formulation: If the executive and legislative accord more time, thought and reflection before passing laws or making policies, the risk of them being challenged by the next government will be substantially reduced, saving precious time and money.
  3. Building linkages among government agencies and academic institutions: The advisory role played by the people outside government should also give way to a stronger and executive role so that those who are providing suggestions should feel that they will be taken seriously.
The future of governance in India is bound to become more complex leading to disputes. In responding to these challenges, the urgent need is for public policy based analysis in which every stakeholder has a voice and every voice adds dimension and meaning to its discourse.
“Governance has become tied to democracy, with the public sphere becoming crucial and public policy a critical field.” What do you understand by ‘public policy’? Critically examine the nature of public policy in India and the factors that have influence its formulation. (200 Words)



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