President Rule

What is President’s Rule?
The article 356 of the constitution which focuses on the failure of the Constitutional machinery of the State is often termed as the President’s rule. There are various reasons for which President’s rule can be imposed on a State. The failure of the State government to function as per the constitution is the first step towards this. It may be imposed due to many reasons some of which are:
  • loss of majority
  • break down of law and order
  • indecisive outcome of elections
  • no alternate claimant to form the government
  • Insurgency
  • defections and break-up of coalition
What happens to state government?
  • When President’s rule is imposed, the state assembly is either dissolved or kept in suspended animation
  • The state comes under the direct control of the Central government. The authority shifts from the Chief Minister and the council of ministers to the Governor. The Governor gets the power to appoint civil servants and some administrators to assist him who will take on the role and responsibilities of the Council of Ministers

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