Police Reforms : Fixed term

  • Misuse of the power: Some States are misusing the order and appointing officers about to retire, giving them a fixed term of two years, irrespective of the superannuation date.
  • The Union government has filed an interlocutory application in the Supreme Court to amend a 2006 order of the court that is being used by the States to appoint “favourites” as Directors-General of Police for two-year fixed term.
What does the law say?
  • The All India Services Act, 1951, bars any officer from remaining in office after retirement, unless cleared by the Centre.
  • The Home Ministry is the cadre-controlling authority for IPS officers, and the Supreme Court order is being increasingly misused by the States to appoint officers close to the regime.
Ministry to frame norms
  • Home Ministry to frame guidelines: ensure that only those who had a minimum of one-and-a-half to two years to retire were included in the panel. 

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