Philanthropy in education

Critically comment, by giving suitable examples of successful stories, on the role of philanthropy in providing quality education to poor children. In your opinion, why has government failed to provide quality education to poor children despite having funds? Examine. (200 Words)

Success stories-
  1. Super 30- Helps students to get into IITs
  2. Vidyagyan – Provides world class schooling to poor students.
  3. Alpha to Omega Special Education sector in Chennai- provides schooling to special children and prepares them to live independent lives.
  4. Teach for India- Provides world class teachers to underprivileged students in metro cities.
  5. SECMOL- Student’s Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh- Provides schooling for students of remote regions of Ladakh. Also caters to dropouts to continue their education.



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