Nominated Members in Rajya Sabha – UPSC GS2

Constituent Assembly debate on Nominated members:
  • During the making of the Constitution, the Constituent Assembly felt that Rajya Sabha should have nominated members.
  • They want to bring in the persons who might not win elections but willing to bring knowledge and expertise to discussions in the Upper House.
  • N Gopalswami Ayyangar said that nominating members to Rajya Sabha gives “an opportunity to the Upper House to bring outside talent in discussions and debate. Further, the nominated members will bring in the persons who do not ordinarily associate with the House of the People.
Nominated Members to the Rajya Sabha:
  • Due to the fore mentioned reasons, Rajya Sabha includes 12 nominated members from different walks of life. The criteria includes distinguished fields like literature, science, art, and social service, etc.
  • The President nominates such individuals as recommended by the Council of Ministers. Except the voting in the election of the President, Nominated members will have the same rights and privileges as elected members. (Nominated members cannot vote in the election of the President).
Anti-Defection Provision for Nominated members:
When a nominated MP/MLA joins a political party after six month time, anti-defection law is applicable. Note: Nominated Members can join any party of their wish during their first six months.

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