Need to reboot India’s ASEAN Strategy? – UPSC GS2

Summary: India needs a comprehensive effort to promote a better India-ASEAN relations.
Indian PM in the recent ASEAN Summit extended his support for the centrality of ASEAN and also to a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific.
What are the challenges in India ASEAN relations?
  • Caught between the rivalry of China and the USA in the Indo-Pacific.
  • ASEAN nations are worried about India joining QUAD as it impacts ASEAN centrality.
  • India’s withdrawal from RCEP and
  • India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative is seen as economic inwardness by ASEAN countries, instead of open trade.
ASEAN-India relations are an important pillar of Indo-Pacific. Thus, India should need to build its narrative strongly and convey the same to the members of ASEAN.

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