National Academic Depository

  • Under it all academic degrees, certificates and awards in the country will be made digitally available for verification on single spot.
  • It will be rolled out throughout the country in 2017-18.
How will it work?
  • Academic institutions will be directed to upload and authenticate all documents in digital form into the NAD system
  • The NAD will register educational institutions/eligibility assessment bodies/boards, students and other users/verifying entities like employer companies, banks, government agencies and academic institutions.
  • It will provide digital or a printed copy of the academic award with security features to the students or other authorized users.
  • Besides, NAD will also verify academic awards online on the same day of request initiated by any authorized user.
  • Requests for access to academic awards will be on basis of consent of the owner. For ex, access from potential employers and academic institutions will be only on the basis of consent of the student.
  • NAD will maintain the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of its database. It will root out fake degrees



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