Considering poor socio-economic status of certain minority religious communities, do you think governments should make special provisions such as reservations in jobs and educational institutions? Critically discuss the issue and substantiate your argument. (200 Words)

Reservation in job/politics/education is backbone of Indian Constitution and society since the days of Minto-Morley Act and then Communal Award->Poona Pact. Initially it was done to break the society but Constitution writer used it as bringing marginalised population to mainstream economy there by transferring them from receiving to providing end of economy.
Reservation has done positive contribution toward upliftment of Lower caste population in Indian society. But still India is marred with poor socio-economic status which is more profound on Muslim population as also found by NSSO, NCAER and Sachar Committee. But Constitution doesn‘t provide any reservation based on religion. By providing reservation based on religion will violate Article 14 of Constitution which mentions that no different treatment based on religion. Also, it will devoid and do injustice with poor people of other religion who are not under protection net of government.
Instead, to bring poor socio-economic population in empowered platform, govt must provide scholarships to above average students of any caste or religion based on their economic status. This will ensure following this:
  1. No leakage of funds, scholarships will directly reach education institute and not the student‘s hand.
  2. Education quality of nation will also increase.
  3. Every student will be motivated to study to avail this scholarship.
  4. Help govt to realise true meaning of RTE 2005.
  5. In later stage these student will not need reservation on job. Each one will get job as per their qualification and dream of Constitution writer to phase out Reservation in jobs in 15 years will also come true.
Help to students from poor socio-economic background is needed most. The criteria of socio-economic backwardness should vary from rural area to urban area. This will ensure ―Same education to all Children‖ goal of UN too. Also, Reservation based on religion will further complicate religious harmony in India and will not be epitome of secularism which is cherished principle of Constitution.



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