Madhav Menon Committee

Government ads must not display following:

  • Stop glorification of political figure or party in power- especially on the eve of elections.
  • Do not publish photos of political leaders  (except President/Prime Minister or Governor/Chief Minister)
  • Do not publish name of the political parties including ruling party.
  • No political symbol/logo/flag.
  • No website links to political parties or political leader.
  • No attack on opposition parties.

Government ads should cover only following:

  1. Ads related to government responsibilities, public safety, awareness.
  2. Government ads shall maintain political neutrality. Display message in objective and fair manner.
  3. Prior to elections, display no Government ads, except following:
    1. Law and order related
    2. Public health, disaster precaution, safety advisories
    3. Job applications, tender-contract advertisements
  4. During Nehru, Gandhi or xyz anniversary, multiple ministries, departments and PSUs run separate advertisements, thus wasting public money. For such anniversaries/ commemorations, issue only single advertisement.
  5. Additionally: setup an Ombudsman to check violation of these guidelines.




Based on it SC  had banned ruling parties from publishing photos of Chief Ministers, political leaders and politicians in government-funded advertisements, saying that it cannot allow them to use taxpayers’ money to build a “personality cult.”


The court says such photos divert attention from the policy of the government, unnecessarily associate an individual with a government project and pave the way for cultivating a “personality cult.”

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