Low Budget allocation in Education – UPSC GS2

Budget allocation in education sector:
  • In the 2021-22 Budget, Centre’s allocation for the Education Department was slashed compared to the previous year.
  • Delhi and eight major states reduced their budget allocation for education departments in 2021-22 compared to 2020-21.
  • Only six States increased their allocation by more than 5%.
  • According to the Ministry of Education’s Analysis of Budgeted Expenditure on Education, most major States spent 2.5% to 3.1% of State income on education compared to 4.3% of GDP that lower-middle-income countries spent on their education between 2010-11 and 2018-19.
  • World Bank study also states that India spent 14.1 % of its budget on education, compared to 18.5% in Vietnam and 20.6% in Indonesia, countries with similar levels of GDP.
  • According to the Economic Survey of 2020-21, the combined central and State government spending on education was estimated to be 2.8% of GDP in 2018-19.
What methods can be adopted to increase access to education?
  • Increase resource allocation especially in technology
  • Back-to-school campaigns and re-enrolment drives
  • Expanded nutrition programmes to address malnutrition
  • Reorganisation of the curriculum to help children learn language and mathematics
  • Support socio-emotional development, especially in early grades
  • Teacher training and ongoing support; additional education programmes
  • Increased instructional time during vacations and weekends
  • Additional teachers and teaching aids, to cope with the transfer of students from private schools
  • Collection and analysis of data.

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