Legacy of Pakistan

For the major part of four decades plus that Bangladesh has been in existence, it has been a pale shadow of Pakistan. Clearly, the legacy of the liberation war has not been as exemplary as the Indian national movement‘s. Critically comment on the statement. (200 Words)

Bangladesh, though being liberated in 1971 still have not been able to use its liberation legacy for its betterment and has remained somehow like the Pakistan because
  1. The practice of democracy is still not done in complete pragmatic manner. Eg- The recent one -sided elections.
  2. After the war, there were times, when Bangladesh was ruled by military rule like Pakistan. human rights violation are quite frequent even now.
  3. Extremist groups like Jamaat-e-Islami still have a huge population base who wants to  rule out the democratic power and are fanatic.
  4. Proper services are still not available to common people which can be inferred from the fact that infiltration towards India continues till date.
  5. Like Pakistan, Bangladesh had also been the place where terrorists lived, nurtured and since the India Bangladesh border is porous, attack easily in eastern states of India.
Many insurgent groups seek shelter there. but still, Bangladesh is not just the shadow of Pakistan and had achievements in its bag too.
  1. Even after the military rule, the rule of people had been established back with two main political parties- Awami league and Bangladesh nationalist party.
  2. Though gradual, but the services are reaching poor through govt programs and civil societies like Grameen bank.
  3. The convicts of the liberation war of 1971 are being punished through the independent court system.
Ruling party should look for reconciliation and rapprochement with moderate Islamists. Political prisoners should be released. Fair and transparent elections where opposition also participates should be conducted. India should extend a friendly hand to ensure normality in neighbourhood.



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