KS Valdiya Committee

Committee has concluded that Saraswati River so far considered mythical, existed.

  • The committee comprising of geologists, archaeologists and hydrologists say that they have found evidence of the course of the river Saraswati
  • Committee found that Saraswati River originated in the Himalayas. It was approximately 4,000 km in length and flowed through India and Pakistan before meeting Arabian Sea through Rann of Kutch
  • Two-third stretch of river measuring nearly 3000 km in length fell in India and reaming one-third of the river stretch fell in present-day Pakistan.
  • The river had two branches viz.
    1. Western Branch: It represented by the Himalayan-born Satluj River of the past which flowed through the channels of present-day Ghaggar-Patialiwali rivulets.
    2. Eastern Branch: Palaeochannels (remnants of defunct rivers) Sarswati-Markanda rivulets in Haryana were courses of  eastern branch of river, known as Tons-Yamuna.
Suggestions by Committee:
  • The committee has recommended that the government legislate a law to regulate extraction of water from palaeochannels in view of low rainfall in dry stretches and “reckless” exploitation of freshwater for irrigation and other purposes.
  • The panel suggested that it develop systematic database of all surface maps of palaeochannels and sub-surface stratigraphic data including geophysical surveys, borehole data, chemical quality and isotopic composition of groundwater in and around palaeochannel.
  • It also proposed launching of a mission to facilitate accurate estimation of groundwater reserves.
  • Among other, the committee has urged the government to make recharging as many “well-identified” palaeochannels as possible its “top priority”.



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