Kazakhstan Violence and its impact – UPSC GS2

Context: Violent unrest in Kazakhstan after the increase in fuel prices.
What are the reasons for the crisis in Kazakhstan?
  • Rise in LPG prices
  • Inflation
  • Unrest against the authoritarian government.
Consequences of protests:
  • Killings of dozens of security and police personnel and arrest of over 2000 protesters.
  • Possibility of bringing disturbance in the Central Asian region, especially after the Taliban takeover.
  • It can complicate India plans to bring stability in the region.
Importance of Kazakhstan
  • Despite having an autocratic government and having a deeply unequal society, the country holds significant strategic importance in the region.
  • This is the reason that neither China nor Russia can afford political instability, and Russia continues to be the main security provider in the region.
How is the Kazakhstan government handling the crisis?
Kazakhstan is seeking military aid from the Collective Security Treaty Organisation – a Russia-led security alliance of former Soviet republics and Russian “peacekeeping” troops to bring stability to the region.