Kashmir Dispute

Many advocate that a solution to the Kashmir dispute would necessarily have to include Pakistan. Do you agree with this view? Substantiate. (200 Words)

The dispute can be addressed from two sides and we need to analyse which pays off better in order to determine whether Pakistan is in the equation or not
  1. With Pakistan: The Kashmir dispute is escalated by political instability in Pakistan. Needless to say that Pakistani foreign affairs is managed by its army rather than the government. The dispute over Kashmir is engraved in the hearts of its military because of the crushing defeat it has faced each time it tried to counter India. it is very much unlikely that they forget their defeats and join hands with India. As our PM had said, Talks are of no use when there is bombs and guns are exploding in the border.
  2. Addressing the people of Kashmir
    1. Kashmir dispute is mired by separatist groups functioning there who claim independence for Kashmir
    2. Not all people in Kashmir are satisfied with the development that Kashmir has seen. they are also highly affected by the misfiring that happen time to time and are not happy with the huge military presence in the valley.
    3. When these issues are resolved their confidence on the Indian government would be undoubted and the Hurriyat would face its end due to lack of support.
The recent turnover in the election is heartening and we are on the way to achieve the what is intended.
When there are no separatist tendencies within the valley then there is no question of Pakistan coming into the equation of Kashmir. India is a Sovereign nation right from its independence and as the Supreme Book of India states, so shall we follow.



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