Judicial Delays : Need of Regional Courts of Appeal – UPSC GS2

  • To address the Supreme Court’s pendency burden, Attorney General KK Venugopal plea suggested setting up at least four regional courts of appeal (RCAs).
Facts about delays in SC:
  • The pendency of cases in the Supreme Court has increased from 58,000 in April 2019 to 70,000 presently.
  • Over 400 constitution bench matters like Article 370 and CAA are pending before 5,7 and 9 judge benches.
Why pendency in increasing in SC?
  • Constitutional matters are heard by benches comprising more judges.
  • But, SC is occupied with adjudicating divorce cases to bail pleas and appeals against orders of lower courts.
  • So, the SC is not able to allocate high judge benches to constitutional matters.
  • The US court, in comparison, is very selective, and the appeal load is borne by 13 circuit courts under it.
How should Regional Courts of Appeal (RCAs) work? 
The success of RCAs would depend on the quality of judges. Otherwise, it would produce sub-par results and litigants would appeal to the supreme court. An All-India Judicial Service can be helpful in boosting the quality of judicial appointments.
What measures should need to be further adopted?
  • Vacancies should be filled quickly.
  • Other institutions have to make sure that miscarriage of justice does not happen so that fewer cases of appeal to SC.

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