Jayant Sinha Committee (UAVs)

The Union Government has constituted a task force to prepare road map and fast-track implementation of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology or drones in the country.
Terms of Reference of Task Force
  • The task force will prepare roadmap, including outcomes, timelines, implementation and review mechanism and measurable metrics for implementation of UAV technology.
  • Its road map will focus on Research & Development (R&D), acquisition and commercialisation, application and adoption in specific sectors, regulatory framework as well as preference for Make in India.
  • It will lay down implementable recommendations for central and state governments, industry and research institutions.
  • It will clearly delineate the role of industry.
  • It will submit its report in six months.
  • It will study global practices and interact with relevant stakeholders, as required, for preparation of its report.
  • It will also have necessary consultations and interactions with Government organizations, industry and research institutions.

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