Japan’s Pacifism

Japan has moved away from a pacifist foreign policy to a more prominent role in international stage in West’s Counter terrorism policy. Analyse its reasons and consequences in the recent times. (200 Words)

Japan’s pacifism can be ascertained thorough following:
    1. Since the end of WW-II Japan has always renounced war.
    2. Does not maintain an army with war capabilities; only a self-defense force (Japan Self Defense Force -JSDF) to maintain peace & order.
    3. Japanese foreign policy which distances Japan from militaristic ventures.
Moreover Japan has largely been insulated from international terrorism and remained unaffected from radical groups particularly Islamic fundamentalists. However recently Japan has moved away from pacifist foreign policy because:
    1. Recently it has been affected by international terrorism; two Japanese journalists have beheaded by Islamic State (Islamic terror group).
    2. Being a resource poor country; Japan relies heavily on crude oil imports from middle east. Threat to stability in middle east region by radical forces such as Al-Qaeda & Islamic State will be adversely impact energy supplies to Japan.
    • Military preparations:
      • Defense budget has been enhanced.
      • Ban on arms export lifted.
      • Capabilities of self-defense forces are being enhanced.
    • Economic diplomacy: Non-military aid to countries around middle east such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon to fight IS which threatens regional stability and Japanese energy supplies.
    • Reinterpretation of constitution:Japan can now use force to defend her allies when they are threatened or attacked.
Conclusion: Current global scenario calls all secular democratic societies including Japan to fight rising radical forces. Japan should work alongside the international community to contain and eliminate radical groups.
For India: India must engage with emphatic Japan to broaden its fight against terrorism; highlight the terrorism and its sources in South Asia and isolate the neighboring country which patronizes radical groups.



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