Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism

What is Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT)?
  • IMAFT is military coalition comprising 39 nations.
  • It was established by Saudi Arabia in December 2015 and its command centre, headquarters is based in Riyadh.
  • The coalition calls for all member states to cooperate to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.
  • It is envisaged to serve as a platform for security cooperation, including provision of training, troops and equipment, and involvement of religious scholars for dealing with extremism.
  • It has been established in pursuance with objectives and principles of the charter of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
  • Member countries of this alliance will coordinate and support military operations against terrorism in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Egypt.
  • The coalition includes countries like United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Bahrain, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia among others.
What is Pakistan’s position on IMAFT?
Pakistan initially had taken aback for being part of IMAFT, after Saudi Arabia had announced Pakistan also part of the alliance. However, Pakistan later confirmed its participation in the alliance but has not committed itself to providing troops for any possible military operations.
Why in news?
Pakistan’s former Army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif (retired) was appointed head of IMAFT.

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