Ischemic Heart Disease

According to a study, ischemic heart disease is emerging as the main health problem in India. Critically examine its nature, causes and consequences. (200 Words)

Ischemic heart disease relates to insufficient supply of blood to the heart which is due to obstruction of the inflow of blood to the heart by the narrowing of arteries or due to some disease. There has been an increase in the number of cases of heart related illness in India in the last few years which is a worrying sign. A lot of young adults are now getting victims of heart related disease which earlier was confined to the elder generation.
The possible causes of this trend can be:
  1. Diet related: The changing pattern of eating is related to heart diseases. Consuming more oil and trans-fat containing foods, neglecting vegetables, fruits in the diet makes people vulnerable.
  2. Smoking and alcohol: more people are getting addicted to smoking and alcohol which increase the chances of heart diseases.
  3. Lack of exercise: Neglecting physical exercise, using motor vehicles for commuting makes the body weak and prone to illness
  4. Lifestyle: excessive work and personal stress weakens the heart and makes people ill.
The consequences of this trend are:
  1. Loss of health
  2. Loss of productive time which could have been spent for fruitful work
  3. Increased expenditure on medical treatments
  4. India losing out on its health demographic dividend
  5. The family members also get mentally affected if someone gets sick which affects their productivity
We need to have a balance lifestyle and manage our daily affairs in a naturalistic way in order to save ourselves from such an illness. Regular exercise and healthy diet can help us in preventing heart diseases.



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