Iran nuclear deal : Impact

Do you think the recent nuclear deal between Iran and world powers will encourage Arab nations to pursue nuclear ambitions? Should India be worried? Examine. (200 Words)

The Deal:
  • The deal allows Iran to engage in nuclear activities for peaceful and constructive purposes like addressing it’s energy needs.
  • Done between Iran and p5+1 (USA, UK, China, France and Russia + Germany)
Impact on Arabs:
  • Due to sectarian riots and rivalry, situation is already volatile.
  • Iraq and Saudi Arabia are arch rival due to Shia-Sunni conflict
  • Saudi Arabia has openly opposed the deal
  • Downturn in oil economy has led to further unrest in region
  • This deal at such time is seen as a threat to themselves by Sunni nations (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt etc.)
  • Thus it may lead to proliferation of nuclear weapons via Pakistan to these nations further endangering global peace.
Impact on India:
  • India need all Arab nations. So a fine balancing act is needed
  • It has trade and cultural relations with most of the nations of the region and imports crude oil from Saudi Arabia as well as Iran.
  • A large number of Indians work in the Gulf countries.
  • At the same time, India which is on the target of Islamist terrorism will also have to make sure that nuclear weapons don’t reach them.



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