Indian Ocean : China’s Underwater surveillance network

  • China has successfully developed new underwater surveillance network to help its submarines get stronger lock on targets while protecting nation’s interests along maritime Silk Road, which also includes Indian Ocean.
  • The project is part of unprecedented military expansion fuelled by China’s desire to challenge United States in world’s oceans.
Underwater surveillance network
  • The network is underwater surveillance system based on network of platforms — buoys, satellites, surface vessels and underwater gliders — that gather data from Western Pacific, South China Sea and Indian Oceans.
  • The system works by gathering information about underwater environment, particularly water temperature and salinity, which navy can then use to more accurately track target vessels as well as improve navigation and positioning.
  • The new surveillance system will enable Chinese submarines to steer a much safer course through difficult waters as well as improving their targeting ability.
  • The project is part of an unprecedented military expansion fuelled by Beijing’s desire to challenge the US in the world’s oceans
  • By 2030 China will have 260 warships and submarines compared to the US’ 199
  • Since the Cold War, the US had closely guarded the Western Pacific via “island chains”
  • China is now moving in the same direction with ‘String of pearls’ around India and establishing bases in African subcontinent and other areas in Pacific ocean

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