India-USA Chinese Angle

India’s relationship with US should not be solely seen from Chinese angle. Instead we should move towards developing a prosperity  triangle between the future world’s three largest economies. Critically  analyse. (200 Words)

India believes in a multipolar world view and aspires to be one of the significant poles. Right from the NAM it has been in India’s foreign policy to foster friendly relations with all the countries.
Rather than looking at the India-US relationship from the Chinese angle, it is more important to have good equations with both the nations.
Inspite of many disputes with China like the border issue, dumping etc. ,we need to look at the bigger picture. Beijing and Delhi share many areas of symbiosis like
  1. fight against terrorism,
  2. promoting development in the under developed regions which are adjacent (NE in India and Yunan province in china)
  3. Demographic dividend – our youth bulge coincides with the graying of china
  4. Securing of energy supplies
  5. Mineral resources of Afghanistan
  6. Also common agendas on global issues like world trade talks, climate change negotiations, the primacy of state sovereignty and the need to reform global-governance institutions
Similarly US is important for India as
  1. securing a seat in UNSC
  2. Energy security- civil nuclear energy
  3. US overtook Russia as the biggest weapon supplier to India
  4. India wants companies in US to help lead investment of $100 billion in renewable Energy
  5. Sharing of intelligence inputs
So it is important not to shadow the relationship with one by the other and avoid US or China strengthening relations further with Pakistan as that could mean a threat to India



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