India-Oman relations

  • Oman is a strategic partner for India in the Gulf.
  • India has ancient maritime tradition and maritime interaction with Oman dates back to over 4000 years BC.
  • Bilateral relations between both countries were formally established with signing of 1953 Indo-Oman Treaty of friendship, Navigation and Commerce. It was first between India and Arab country.
  • Oman accords a high priority to its ties with India.
  • Both countries across Arabian Sea are linked by geography, history and culture.
  • They enjoy warm and cordial relations and have had trade and people-to-people ties for several millennia
Expatriate community: 
  • Oman is home to a large Indian expatriate community.
  • India is major destination for Omani students pursuing higher studies and also medical tourists.
  • It is India’s important trading partner.
  • In 2010, bilateral trade between India and Oman was $4.5 billion.
  • Indian and Omani firms have undertaken joint ventures in wide range of sectors including fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, energy and engineering.
Defence co-operation: 
  • Oman is first Gulf nation to have formalised defence relations with India.
  • Both countries conducted joint military exercises in 2006 and subsequently signed defence agreement.
  • Indian Navy has berthing rights in Oman, and has been utilising Oman’s ports as bases for conducting anti-piracy operations in Gulf of Aden.

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