India-New Zealand relations

How New Zealand can be important for India?

  • New Zealand has world class technologies in daily industry. India is collaborating in this field.
  • Significant number of Indians go to New Zealand for studies and jobs
  • Support for NSG and UNSC
Recent Developments:
  • India and New Zealand signed three agreements in the areas of double taxation avoidance (DTA), sports and food security to carry forward the ties between both sides.
  • Both countries have reached an understanding on further cooperation on cyber security, counter-terrorism, customs, education and food safety
New Zealand does not supports India’s membership of NSG:
During this visit of New Zealand PM, India failed to get outright support of New Zealand for its  bid for Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) membership. India had clearly notified New Zealand that its entry to the NSG was tied to its need for clean energy and climate change commitments. Thus, it indicates that New Zealand is yet to change its position of admitting only signatories of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) countries in NSG, a group of 48 countries which works by consensus.
Why New Zealand does not support India’s bid to NSG?
  • New Zealand is part of a group called the New Agenda for Coalition which promotes the NPT and pushes for nuclear disarmament worldwide.
  • The official state visit New Zealand PM John Key comes in run-up to a crucial NSG Consultative Group (CG) meeting to be held in Vienna in November 2016.
  • This meeting will specifically consider whether countries that haven’t signed on to the NPT can be considered for membership. Earlier in June 2016, India’s membership bid to NSG had failed to make headway in Seoul (South Korea) after it was opposed by China and other countries. New Zealand was also among the countries led by China that have demanded to set criteria for non-signatories of the NPT for joining NSG.
What is New Agenda for Coalition (NAC)?
NAC is a geographically dispersed group of middle power countries that promotes the NPT and pushes for nuclear disarmament worldwide. It consists of Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa. The group was officially launched in Dublin (Ireland) in June 1998 in response to the North-South divide that stymied talks on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation within the framework of the NPT.



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