India-Germany Cultural ties

Germany to teach hindi and sanskrit

India to teach german
India to provide :
  • Strong IP protection regulations
  • Fast-track approvals and clearances for industry and infrastructure
  • No retrospective taxation
  • Exclusive special window in DIPP for Germany
  • Restrictions on the marketing of generic medicines
Agreed on Climate and renewable energy alliance:
  • Comprehensive partnership to harness technology, innovation and finance in order to make affordable, clean and renewable energy accessible to all and to foster climate change mitigation efforts in both countries with long-term vision
  • Assistance of over 1 billion Euros for India’s Green Energy Corridor and a new assistance package of over 1 billion Euros for solar projects in India
  • 3 million Euros for developing the Ganga region
German Indologist, Max Muller, has been a important contributor to the western appreciation of Indian Culture & History.  Vivekananda met Muller in 1896.



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