India-Ethiopia Relations

  • Bilateral partnership between India and Ethiopia rests on civilizational ties and cultural bonds.
  • Historical linkages between both countries go back about 2,000 years of recorded history.
  • India is amongst top trade, investment and development partner of Ethiopia.
  • India’s is third most important trading partner for Ethiopia.
  • India’s exports to Ethiopia in 2012 amounted to US $ 890 million i.e. 11% of all of Ethiopia’s imports.
  • It mainly comprised primary and semi finished iron and steel products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, machinery and instruments, metal, plastic chemicals, transport equipment, electrical materials etc.
  • India’s annual imports from Ethiopia have stagnated in range of US $ 30million.
  • These mainly consist of cotton, pulses and spices.
  • Ethiopia continues to be largest recipient of India’s concessional Lines of Credit in Africa, with commitment of over one billion dollar.
  • India is second largest foreign investor in Ethiopia with approved investment of US $ 4.78 billion.
  • About 40% of Indian investment is in field of commercial agriculture.
  • India is actively playing important role of capacity building in Ethiopia in field of ITEC, education, Science and Technology and Defence etc

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