India-Djibouti Relations

  • Indian President’s visit to Djibouti
About Djibouti:
  • Djibouti is strategically located at confluence of Red Sea with Indian Ocean in Horn of Africa and crossroads connecting Africa, Middle East and Asia.


  • Contacts between India and Djibouti existed since ancient times.
  • Historically, port of Adulis in Djibouti was hub of maritime trade for Indian seafarers for trading in spices and silk for gold and ivory.
India-Djibouti Relations:
  • Djibouti had opened its embassy in New Delhi in 2004, but India still does not have embassy in Djibouti.
  • India’s relations are based on handful of diaspora and limited trade links from ancient times.
  • In recent times, Djibouti has acquired major significance as result of geopolitical developments and presence of military bases of US and China side by side.
  • Djibouti had supported India during Operation Rahat for evacuating Indians from war-torn Yemen in 2015.
  • Bilateral trade between both countries is on increase and is in India’s favor.
  • In 2014-15, bilateral trade stood at US$ 239.43 million (India’s exports were US $ 237.96 million and India’s imports US $ 1.47 million).
  • Most of trade with Djibouti actually serves growing market in Ethiopia.
  • The main items in Indian exports were iron & steel products, paper and plastic products.

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