IIT Fee Hike issue

In India as the number of elite institutions such as IITs and IIMs has increased, the budgetary requirements for supporting them is proving to be a challenge. Why do these institutions need more funds? What alternative ways are there to fund these institutions? Examine. (200 Words)

Why more funds is required :
  1. New initiatives by HRD ministry like GIAN requires ample of money for bringing in lecturers from foreign universities.
  2. New initiatives like Online Availability for IIT syllabus for outside students though nice initiative need of monetary resources.
  3. Initiatives like IIT Kanpur and ministry of Water resources for ganga rejuvenation has to be adequately equipped for better results.
  4. Students from EWS students also needs to be taken care of.
  5. Research like SHAKTI by madras IIT is admirable and if nicely funded can help
  6. Investing in in infrastructure related to labs and research equipment
Ways to attract money from other means.
  1. Initiatives alike in U.S universities where Alumni students collaborate with their universities and thus help in addressing various gaps.
  2. Why don’t Govt. think of tax exemptions for those who contribute for Donations to Higher educational institutions.
  3. Setting up a Higher Education Financing Agency to leverage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds
  4. Graded fee structure so that better off students can be charged more as compared to the poor ones
  5. Promoting industry-academia collaboration to attract investments from the rich industrial players



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