Human Trafficking in India

Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or sexual exploitation.
  • According to the data of NCRB, the number of cases of human trafficking has increased over the years in India. The victims of human trafficking are put to sexual exploitation, begging, forced labour as servants etc.


  • The lack of data about the victims, sometimes the victims being children or disabled, getting information about their family is difficult.
  • Lack of coordination among NGOs, police & other institutions involved in rescuing
  • The protest by people who are either involved in this business or those who have “purchased” the victim. Such protests can be violent sometimes.
  • Some political leaders & powerful people are also involved in human trafficking. Going against these powerful people creates hindrances.
  • Sometimes victims do not want to go with the NGOs & police because they do not trust them.
  • The issue of shelter-homes where proper food, education, recreation facilities should be available.
  • Issue of security & safety of the victims, especially children, women and disabled
  • After rescuing rehabilitation remain challenge as states capacity is not adequate and NGO are already over numbered with such people.


  • National registry for recording data of the cases of human trafficking.
  • Facilitating state-to-state transfers of the victims, as requested by the Bihar’s NGO to Maharashtra’s CWC.
  • Ensuring proper security, health & educational benefits to the victims in the shelter-homes.
  • Collaboration of civil societies, NGOs & government.
  • Proper rehabilitation policy of the government.

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