How Should India handle Taiwan issue? – UPSC GS2

For background about China-Taiwan issue, please read “Taiwan Vs Once China Policy”
What China is doing to annex Taiwan? 
  • China is forcing nations to break off diplomatic relations with Taiwan.
  • China is vetoing Taiwan’s presence in international organizations.
  • Today, only 13 Nations and Vatican City recognize Taiwan.
  • Lithuania has taken a bold step by allowing Taiwan to open its embassy.
  • Other Nations like the Czech Republic, Poland are seeking to deepen ties with Taiwan.
Why China’s claim for Taiwan is not valid?
Taiwan was inhabited by Malayo-Polynesian tribes and had no ties with China until the island’s Dutch colonial rulers in the 17th century invited Chinese workers to emigrate. So, accordingly, Taiwan is closer to the Philippines than China.
What should Taiwan do to secure its place?
  • Taiwan needs to create greater international space for itself. This will enable it to get the status of a nation, making it difficult for China to seize the island like it did in Tibet and Xinjiang in 1949.
  • Taiwan needs to strengthen its defences with anti-Ship and anti-aircraft missiles and increase the cost for the Chinese of any attempted invasion.
What is the significance of Taiwan for India?
Taiwan plays an important role in the defence of India, as it keeps a sizable portion of Chinese forces occupied.
Why and how India should help Taiwan?
  • India needs to learn from its mistakes in Tibet. India had opposed Tibet’s plea for a discussion in the UN and handed over telegraph and postal services to China.
  • To help Taiwan, India must reinforce its defences.
  • India should follow Japan and USA in standing ties with Taiwan.
  • It can also learn from Lithuania and allow Taiwan to rename its “Taipei Economic and Cultural Center” in New Delhi as the “Taiwanese Representative Office“.
  • India should rebrand its own mission in Taipei as the “India Representative Office”.
Taiwan is on the front line against Xi’s totalitarianism. Major democracies therefore must act to save Taiwan.

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