Gwadar Port Vs Chabahar Port

  • The development of the Chabahar port in Iran is a commercial enterprise, whereas that of the Gwadar port in Pakistan by China is a strategic venture with long-term implications on the region.
  • The Gwadar Port in the Balochistan province is being built by China under a multi-billion economic corridor.
  • The Chabahar port in Iran is being considered by India, Iran and Afghanistan as a gateway to major opportunities for trade with central Asian countries.
  • Chabahar port is a commercial enterprise and Gwadar port is a strategic military enterprise. There is a distinction between as to why two projects have been conceived.
  • Similarly, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is not a connectivity project. It was a strategic project by which China seeks access to the Arabian Sea and surmount the Straits of Malacca.

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