Good Governance : Case Study

Doorstep delivery of essential services:

  • Doorstep delivery of 40 essential government services like caste and marriage certificates, driving license and new water connections.
  • It is fist home delivery scheme of various essential government services in the country.
  • It will help to deal with corruption in delivery of essential government services and promote transparent governance.



  • Under this scheme, Delhi government will provide 40 services such as caste certificate, driving licence at doorstep of people in the first phase. Eventually, more services will be added to the list in later phases.
  • These essential government services will be delivered by mobile sahayaks with fee of Rs 50.
  • For implementation of this scheme, Delhi government has intermediary agency which has set up call centres and hired mobile sahayaks (facilitators).
  • For availing doorstep delivery of services, Delhi citizens need to call centralised number to set up home visit with mobile sahayak.
  • The mobile sahayak will be equipped with all necessary equipment such as biometric devices and camera.
  • These sahayak will help user fill out application, pay fee and collect documents needed for service.
  • Then completed certificate will then be posted to applicant.
  • For certificates that mandate visit to office concerned, such as test for driving licence, applicant will be required to personally visit to office after sahayak helps with initial application at home.
  • This scheme will cover doorstep delivery of various certificates including caste, new water connection, income, driving licence, ration card, domicile, marriage registration, duplicate RC and change of address in RC, among others. - Good Governance Case Study

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